Express to release stress.
Trigger warning. My mind is basically splattered over this whole blog. Enjoy

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This is  going to be the last update for a while. I had made this blog originally to vent, and recently I have found myself forgetting about it more and more as days have passed. I wouldn’t say happiness has finally found me, I would say I have finally found happiness.  I have realised depression is more of a mountain that I can climb, rather than a dark endless hole that I’m constantly falling deeper in. I’m taking shit as  it comes, and  I am feeling fairly confident with the support of people around me. I am getting to the top of this mountain one way or another,  and I’m not giving up. Suicide? Psssshhhh, no chance mate! My hearts to all you out there feeling suicidal and depressed, stay strong beautiful. You’ll get there <3